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Dr. Felt is pleased to present our team! Our tight-knit group is lively and upbeat, which matches the fun attitude of our dentist. We get along very well, and together, we create an environment where our patients can feel comfortable and content. We love getting to know our patients, and we can even offer help in Spanish! Call us today at 801-533-9879 to learn more about us and our dental care in Salt Lake City, Utah!



Office Manager

Erynn has been with us since April 2017. In school, she studied the sciences and has since found herself in management. She loves that she is able to be authentic and express herself at work and really enjoys being able to be friends with all of our patients. Her favorite thing about our office is that she knows when Dr. Felt prescribes something, the patient truly needs it — he will not tell them they need something that they do not. This helps her be confident when talking about insurance and treatment plans with patients.

Erynn is proud to have about a 98% conversion rate — she can almost always talk to a new patient and have them book with Dr. Felt. She loves being friendly and helping people feel confident in what they are coming in for and that they will get the best care possible. She also goes to bat with the insurance companies for our patients to help make sure we do everything we can to get the treatments taken care of by the insurance provider.

Erynn has a beautiful daughter and a husband. She loves being outside, does mountain climbing and is also a makeup artist on the side.

A fun fact about Erynn is that she is 6 feet, 1 inch tall and loves wearing heels.



Dental Assistant

Ryley joined our team in October 2018. She loves being able to help and connect with our patients. She finds it really fun to problem solve and help our patients feel comfortable. She is always friendly and works well with our team.

Ryley plays her part to make sure our patients have the best experiences possible. She loves to have a clean workspace and keep things organized, which helps keep our office looking nice.

When not in the office, Ryley loves to paint, organize and spend time with her family, especially her four nieces. She loves to go on road trips, and her favorite destination is Bear Lake.